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Upload & Convert Fonts for Websites & TCPDF!

With the form below you can upload a support font file of the 29 or so file formats and have them output as a zip archive for all the web font with CSS, license, Preview, Barcode as well as the TCPDF fonts for your PHP Library to generate PDFs with the font as well on your website on the fly!

Simply enter your name, organisation, email address as well as your twitter username if you have one and you will when you upload it be forwarded to a download very soon after!

Example Download from Uploading any one of the font files listed!

You can imagine all the old software games with sierra.bin the entire Sierra Games for:~ ie. King Quest x/5/6/7! of any choice of formats for your website; this file is an example of what you recieve when you upload:!




~~ Maximum Upload Size Is: 29M!!!
~~ Font File Formats Supported: *.bdf *.bin *.cef *.cff *.dfont *.eot *.fnt *.gai *.gsf *.hqx *.ik *.mf *.otb *.otf *.pcf *.pdb *.pf3 *.pfa *.pfb *.pmf *.pt3 *.sfd *.svg *.t42 *.ttc *.ttf *.woff!
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