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Adding Fonts on Mass to Site

We operate an SVN like a holding pattern for importing into the api (; you will find this at which will then appear on the Fontier+ Module once it has been imported into the API on this site. We use a webdav that you can copy folders of fonts in the folllowing formats: *.afm *.bdf *.bin *.cef *.cff *.cid *.dfont *.eot *.fnt *.fon *.gai *.gsf *.hqx *.ik *.mf *.otb *.otf *.pcf *.pdb *.pf3 *.pfa *.pfb *.pmf *.pt3 *.sfd *.svg *.t42 *.ttc *.ttf *.ufo *.woff ~ or even in archives but we prefer you leave the file open and unpacked too our secure webdav.

The WebDav has no username or password and is open and path is this oftern involves in windows adding a network drive which is also the same on machintosh where all you will need to do is say: add network connection, put in when it prompt for a username/password enter none and you should find it will map as a drive letter on your machine you can copy the fonts onto the system on mass this way.

With Ubuntu/Debian the way you map the network drive is as follows: alt + ctrl + t to goto the shell bash and run the following:

$ sudo mkdir /mount/
$ sudo mount.davfs /mount/

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